Revolutionize Your Maturity Assessments

Programmable Maturity Assessments (PMA) is the future of assessment tools, offering a customizable experience that can integrate any standard required for assessment, including ISO and COPs/SOPs. Say goodbye to tedious assessments and hello to efficient, accurate evaluations. With PAT, you’ll save time and resources, without sacrificing quality.

Programmable Maturity Assessments Tool

This module comes with all the features available in AMMA and more. Including the ability to adopt any standard required for assessment. For example, any of the ISO standards can be integrated with the system for assessment. COPs/SOPs may be programmed in for ease of assessment and monitoring adherence.

How It Works

The assessment platform combines both running the assessment and viewing the results in real time. During the act of running through each assessment a user is able to review questions, submit answers and even edit those answers. Evidence files can also be attached to each submission to serve as proof of authenticity for each question response if need be. A side panel displays the assessment results in real time. A dedicated results view page is available to present progress reports and scoring in chart format. During the course of running an assessment, each submission that ranks below a defined threshold, triggers the generation of a follow up action. An action manager is available to then assign actions to users, set priorities, deadlines and track progress. The tool also comes with a report generator that consolidates assessment data and compiles downloadable files.

Managing assessments is simple, as the tool seamlessly integrates with an organization’s asset hierarchy and users. Assessments are then configured under their parent assets. Users are assigned to assessments by administrators, allowing for each assessment to be run by approved persons only.

Our foundation for asset management is built on the ISO 55000 standard. To learn more about this click here.

Take Action Now

With PMA, you’ll have access to advanced features like automated scoring, instant feedback, and customizable assessment criteria. Designed with both educators and employers in mind, PMA provides a user-friendly experience that simplifies assessments and saves you time. Upgrade your assessment process today and join the digital revolution.