iQuest IIoT Accelerometers

iQuest Accelerometers elevate industrial assets to the digital age by transforming them into intelligent devices. By monitoring crucial operational data, it provides real-time insights into equipment health, directly impacting operational efficiency.


Data is wirelessly transmitted to the iQuest cloud analytics platform, enabling predictive maintenance and reducing unplanned downtime. This innovative technology not only extends equipment lifespan but also lowers maintenance costs. With iQuest Smart Sensors, operators can anticipate maintenance needs and
optimize performance, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced reliability.

AC Accelerometers Range

AC Standard General Purpose AC Accelerometers

iS-100 – Providing an AC acceleration output for use with a data collector. The sensors are produced on demand with a wide range of features that can be customised. Operating temperature range up to 150°C/300°F, with our IS-105 family rated up to 250°C/480°F.

AC Low Power Low Power

iS-050/iS-070/IS-004 – OEM capsules are an option for use in a customised system, with the same product specifications as the standard and premium series. Operating temperature range up to 130°C/266°F. IS-104 – Low power options for use with low voltage portable tablets/phones. Typically connect to traditional portable battery powered devices. Operating temperature range up to 125°C/257°F.

AC Premium Premium AC accelerometers

iS-150 – Our premium range is manufactured using a shear method giving fast settling time and stability in many applications. IS-170 – A more compact accelerometer designed using the premium shear method, ideal for use with a data-collector. Operating temperature range up to 150°C/300°F.

AC Multi-Axial Premium Biaxial & Triaxial

iQ-172/iQ-173 – Our premium biaxial and triaxial sensors allow readings to be taken from multiple axes simultaneously. Operating temperature range up to 130°C/266°F.