Gain Valuable Insights with Real-Time Asset Health Data Analysis

At iQuest, we believe that real-time data analysis is crucial to gain insights into the performance of equipment. Our IIoT smart sensors and digital twins enable businesses to monitor their assets in real time, allowing for early detection of problems and prompt corrective actions. Our smart technology processes data in real time, applying machine learning and AI algorithms to provide actionable insights into asset health. This facilitates predictive maintenance and increases production uptime while reducing maintenance costs.


  • The Future is here, the future is digital, Future is iQuest. iQuest is focused on practical delivery of smart digitisation technologies. Our team of engineers, researchers and technology partners are focused on the research & development, design, production, installation, and management of IIoT technologies for asset health and Asset performance optimisation. Our smart technologies are a result of over 2 years of rigorous research & development, design, and manufacture of IIoT smart sensors employing the latest hardware technologies artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Thanks to digitalisation, cloud based technologies and networked processes, organisations can produce real time asset health data flexibly and reliably, and they can respond to events more in real time.
  • Digitally enhanced equipment is also an important step towards digitalised automation
  • Together with iQuest Digital Twins, iQuest delivers complete industrial optimisation solutions.
  • At iQuest we can transform traditional equipment such as motors, pumps and mounted bearings into smart, wirelessly connected devices. With iQuest key parameters required for Asset Health monitoring, predictive maintenance and real-time condition monitoring are automatically acquired and sent wirelessly to any smart device via our Microsoft Azure cloud hosted IOT hub.
  • Using Digitisation processes iQuest can convert analog data into digital data that can then be integrated with cloud platforms for AI analysis.
  • We can also Digitalise existing processes, consolidating the information in one platform for ease of management and analysis.
  • This enables real time monitoring of equipment health and performance, enabling users to identify inefficiencies within their system and to reduce risks related to operation and maintenance.
  • Maintenance can now be planned, scheduled and executed according to the condition of the machine needs rather than based on generic schedules.
  • This optimisation of maintenance and asset performance extends the lifetime of equipment, cuts maintenance costs and increases equipment reliability, and reduces or prevents unplanned downtime.

Our foundation of real time condition monitoring of assets is built on the ISO 55000 standard. Click here to learn more