iQuest Asset Performance Management Software Suite

The future of predictive maintenance, asset reliability, and integrity insights enhanced by Ai & Machine Learning

Predict the future, Strategise for tomorrow

iQuest Systems

iQuest suite of Technologies and Applications is a specialised platform specifically designed and developed to help Organisations to optimise the performance of their Assets and Operations. iQuest is designed and built as a Software As A Service (SAAS) and Technology As A Service (TAAS) using the latest IIOT and Cloud Technologies. Hence organisations can choose the most appropriate suite of applications and technologies that meet their requirements.

The platform comprises the following modules:

  • Asset Reliability
  • Asset Management
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Operations And Asset Optimisation
  • Smart Technologies
  • Binmak Institute

Thousands of production assets are in your plant: valves, switches, sensors,
motors, switchgears, gearboxes etc. Many have embedded tools to collect
and store asset condition data, with high potential to improve maintenance
activities and increase process efficiency.

Analysing this data helps you identify the right maintenance activities, enabling faster and more accurate decision-making. iQuest releases your
hidden potential.

In iQuest, our maintenance and process experts developed a customizable and maintenance-oriented solution to help you monitor and analyze asset

iQuest combines a site-specific configuration with seamless integration and long-term continuous improvement support to provide you with a complete package to optimize maintenance activities

Maintenance and process improvement at your fingertips

iQuest provides all relevant data in a user-friendly, real-time dashboard, as well as detailed reports printed on demand.

The dashboards present the condition of important production assets based on their hierarchical diagrams and a criticality analysis of equipment components.

An equipment condition monitoring feature is designed to consider failure modes, available control system data, pre-installed expert condition monitoring systems and data sheets.

Based on this evaluation, iQuest helps prevent unnecessary maintenance that exposes personnel to additional work situations in hazardous process areas.

Development and commissioning tailored to your needs

To achieve your production goals, our team has established a balanced plan to develop, implement and operate your scalable and long-term asset management solution.

iQuest – expert asset condition and maintenance management solution

Your challenges

  • Demand for reduced maintenance and operational costs while increasing productivity.
  • Need for improved equipment reliability and reduced unplanned shutdowns

Our solution

A scalable approach that leverages existing equipment data to optimize and sustain your maintenance performance.


  • Proven maintenance methodologies.
  • Asset monitor library with demonstrated results
  • User-friendly and maintenance-oriented dashboards and reports
  • Built on plant asset management 800xA Asset Optimization


  • Increased operational efficiency by eliminating unnecessary maintenance and improving mean time to repair.
  • Break up of information silos between operation, automation and maintenance personnel, ensuring smooth integration

Grappling with unpredictable assets

unseen faws can cause failures

You need assets to operate well, continuously, for a
long time, to build success. But performance can be threatened by:

  • unplanned downtime – harming productivity.
  • reactive maintenance – inducing downtime, and increasing costs.
  • insufficient technology – unable to predict maintenance issues.
  • inadequate data usage – wasting investment and squandering opportunities.
  • unknown asset integrity – risking asset failure, or business failure.

Asset challenges are beyond the human eye. After few years in operations, assets might present performance and safety risks, if not monitored closely. You need to understand your assets. Poor asset visibility impedes planning, procurement and performance.

Strong asset performance management will help you:


What is happening and what is likely to happen?


What to do about it and when action should be taken?


How to maximise asset utilisation? How to optimise for productivty, safety, quality and cost? How to predict schedule and plan maintenance?

Self Optimise

How to avoid manual intervention? How to stop failures before they happen? How to support autonomous maintenance?

iQuest Architecture

Our plan for your iQuest:

Evaluation: In an on-site assessment, we listen to and understand your needs.

Design: We define suitable tactics and an appropriate mix of technologies.

Implementation: We deploy your designed solution for online condition monitoring.

Measurements & optimization: We deliver expected results through remote evaluation and periodic reports.

After implementation, we keep your application updated and support your maintenance team so they can focus on daily business.

Increase proactive and predictive maintenance and maximize your return on investment with iQuest.

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