iQuest IIoT Smart Sensors

iQuest Smart Sensors elevate industrial assets to the digital age by transforming them into intelligent devices. By monitoring crucial operational data, it provides real-time insights into equipment health, directly impacting operational efficiency.


Data is wirelessly transmitted to the iQuest cloud analytics platform, enabling predictive maintenance and reducing unplanned downtime. This innovative technology not only extends equipment lifespan but also lowers maintenance costs. With iQuest Smart Sensors, operators can anticipate maintenance needs and
optimize performance, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced reliability.

Smart Sensors

iQuest Smart Sensors thrive in extreme environments, monitoring critical equipment components like shafts, bearings, motors, seals, couplings, etc. They detect abnormalities through temperature and vibration analysis, promoting safety and efficiency in demanding locations, ensuring continuous performance.

The iQuest Smart Sensors herald a new era in industrial maintenance, marking a pivotal shift from reactive to proactive management. By transforming traditional equipment into intelligent, interconnected devices, these sensors unlock the potential of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to streamline operations. This shift not only promises enhanced efficiency but also ushers in a level of predictability and safety previously deemed unattainable.

Supporting Products: Smart Gateways

The iQuest DAQ series comprises high performance data acquisition systems for vibration-based measurement applications. It is a 6-channel (s1-s6) multiplexed unit for machinery health monitoring.

iQuest DAQ Series Gateway
iQuest Smart Sensor V2.1

Supporting Products: Cable assemblies for online use

A comprehensive range of cable assemblies exist providing direct connection to M12 or MS style connectors. They are available with silicon boots and are sealed to IP68/NEMA 6P, with a selection of different cable types included

Supporting Products: Cable assemblies for data-collectors

iQuest offers a complete range of data collector cable assemblies, directly compatible with the commercially available instruments that can be purchased around the world. Within the range is the popular Snap-on connector, which disconnects if the cable were to get caught in the machine.